More than 350 international Moodlers attend the first ever Global Moodle conference

November 26, 2019 By Júlia Verdaguer

On November 18-20, we hosted MoodleMoot Global 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. The three-day conference gathered participants from over 40 countries to share good practices about education, workplace training, development and research with our open source Moodle LMS. With delegates coming from very different professional and geographical environments, MoodleMoot Global was a very rich exchange of experiences, challenges and solutions on how educators, instructional designers, developers and L&D professionals from international organisations are leveraging the flexibility of Moodle to achieve their e-learning goals.


Day 1: Hands-on Learning

During the first day dedicated to workshops, participants had the chance to take their first steps into the Moodle Educator Certification Program, to learn about Gamification and to get insights about Accessibility in Moodle. Our community of open-source developers shared their latest projects, ideas and innovations with international peers and Moodle HQ developers at the Devjam.

Take a look at some of the day’s highlights in this twitter moment.

Day 2: Sharing good practices

The second day of MootGlobal19 started with a Keynote from Moodle’s CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas, where he gave an exclusive overview on the latest news in Moodle products and projects, including the integration of H5p in our open source LMS, our new Partnership with Go1, what the team has been up to in the past months, and acknowledged the global Moodle Community contributions that make the Moodle LMS possible. 

The rest of the day, delegates split into various streams where Moodle users and the Moodle Community shared invaluable good practices on the use of Moodle in Educational settings and training environments. Schools, workplaces and institutions from all around the world shared success stories and projects built on Moodle. Participants also had the chance to learn more about some of Moodle’s new products, like our corporate LMS Moodle Workplace.

In the evening, everyone enjoyed some 70s music, lights and costumes at the Moodle Party, while having dinner and drinks and networking informally.

See a collection of tweets and photographs of Day 2.


Day 3: The future of Moodle

The third and last day of MoodleMoot Global started with a very inspiring session, where young students from 4 Catalan schools shared their vision of what Moodle should be in the future. The international audience of teachers and developers also had the chance to ask the students questions and get their insights on many topics. 

During the rest of the day, delegates split again in streams to learn more about new and successful uses of our open source LMS in the corporate sector, tips and strategies for Moodle Administration in big and complex instances, and to get up to date with development advancements from the Moodle Community and Moodle HQ. 

Our Moodle LMS Product Manager Sander Bangma also gave a comprehensive update on the new Moodle 3.8 and an overview on the roadmap for 3.9, and Senior Project Manager for Curriculum and Learning, Solange Lalonde, explained the research and goals behind the MEC.

See some of the best moments of Day 3 in Twitter


There are more than 15 MoodleMoots taking place annually all over the world. Find your nearest Moot in our Events page.