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Ilk firmalardan Smartway-kabul kurum E-öğrenme alınan odaklı uygulama Eğitim ve öğretim sektörlerinde Ilk öğretime ve üniversiteye erişim başlayarak Smartway Şirketi Türkçe desteğinin sunuyor Üniversiteler ve eğitim kurumları gereksinimleri ile sistemler için Açık kaynak ve uygunluk Şirket, Türkiye’de 150’den fazla üniversiteler tarafından kabul Moodle sisteminin geliştirilmesi konusunda uzmanlaşmış.






Our consultants help you to focus on the core aims and objectives of your Moodle site. We work with you to build an achievable medium to long term plan of how to best meet those needs in the most cost effective and efficient way.

  • SmartWay create customization’s for schools and universities.
  • SmartWay build e-content according to international standards (scorm,Tincan…), and understand game-based learning (gamification).

We create customizations that comply with the requirements of our customers at all levels and specializations.


SmartWay offers :

  • Cloud Hosting.
  • Local Hosting.
  • Shared Hosting.

SmartWay offers :

  • Moodle installation.
  • Configuration and implementation services.
  • Support 24/7 based on service level agreement (SLA).

SmartWay can help with integration for:

  • HR
  • ERP for schools
  • Virtual Class Room
  • Office 365
  • E-Portfolio
  • Digital Library
  • SIS and Repository

Smartway provides professional support to Moodle through 24/7 support based on service level agreement (SLA).

Smartway is raising awareness of Moodle in Arab community through Arabization of Moodle documents for teachers, students and admins.

SmartWay has Partnership with Microsoft-Turkish, where it has solid experience in higher education, and this partnership is focusing on migration between local host and AZURE cloud environment.


We build customized themes for:

  • K12
  • Universities
  • Corporations
  • Training Center
  • Governments

SmartWay offer:

  • Training students
  • Training Teachers
  • Training Administrator
  • Training for the Moodle course creator certificate (MCCC)

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Smartway Turkey

+90 5339648925

Inicilipnar Mh. Nail Bilen Cad. 5 Nolu SK. No:4/1-B Şehitkamil


  • Higher Education
  • Schools (K-12)
  • Workplace

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