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تبلورت الحلول المتكاملة للتعليم الالكتروني في مؤسسة الأسلوب الذكي لتقنية لمعلومات وذلك في ظل الحاجة الماسة و التوق العربي لتطبيق التعليم الالكتروني بكل واقعية في قطاعات التعليم والتدريب , وأخذت المؤسسة هذا المنحى لتكون من أوائل الشركات التي تقدم الدعم العربي المميز للأنظمة المفتوحة المصدر خاصة ، وتكييفها مع متطلبات ومبادئ مجتمعنا ودعم لغتنا العربية الأصيلة

Meeting the need to apply e-learning to various training and educational sectors in the Arab World, SmartWay now supports integrated e-learning solutions, with a specialized focus on open-source systems.



With Moodle we can provide all e-learning Solution like for K12 for corporate, Qyas for quality and Assessment for of university.




SmartWay consultants help you to focus on the core aims and objectives of your Moodle site. We work with you to build an achievable medium to long term plan of how best to meet those needs in the most cost effective and efficient way.

    • SmartWay create customized solutions for schools and universities.
    • SmartWay builds e-content according to international standards (scorm, Tincan, etc), and we understand game-based learning (gamification).

SmartWay creates customizations that comply with your requirements at all levels and specializations.


SmartWay offers :

    • Cloud Hosting
    • Local Hosting
    • Shared Hosting

SmartWay offers :

  • Moodle installation.
  • Configuration and implementation services.
  • Support 24/7 based on service level agreement (SLA).

SmartWay can help with integration for:

    • HR
    • ERP for schools
    • Virtual Class Room
    • Office 365
    • E-Portfolio
    • Digital Library
    • SIS and Repository

SmartWay provides professional support for Moodle through 24/7 support is based on service level agreement (SLA).

We raise awareness of Moodle throughout the Arab community through translation of of Moodle documentation into Arabic for teachers, students and administrators.

Smartway is the proud sponsor of the Saudi Moodle site that contains the latest Moodle solutions and provides free hosting and support services for researchers and students.


We build customized themes for:

  • K12
  • Universities
  • Corporations
  • Training Center
  • Governments

SmartWay offers:

    • Student training
    • Teacher training
    • Administrator training
    • Moodle course creator certificate (MCCC) training

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Smartway Saudi Arabia


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  • Other Sectors

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